History Of Christmas

Christmas is one of the sacred religious, cultural and commercial phenomena. The day of Christmas is celebrated as the anniversary of Jesus Christ. His teaching form the basis of their religion. Since 1870, December 25 has been a federal holiday for celebrating Christmas.

Ancient Holiday

Middle of Winters and simply, December was the perfect time for celebrating the festival of Christmas. Many cattles were slaughtered. It was the time when people used to had fresh meat. Adding in, fresh wine and beer was available during this season.


It was referred to as the holiday which was given in an honour of Saturn. It was a hedonistic time when there were plenty of food and drinks available. Business and schools were closed, slaves would become masters, peasants were under the command of the city and much more.

Christmas Carol

Christmas carol is a classic christmas tale. The tale marked importance of charity and goodwill. People recognize Christmas as a perfect family holiday. In next 100  years, Americans built traditions which included – decoration of trees, sending of holiday cards, and giving of gifts.