Christmas Quotes

“Christmas is the spirit of love, generosity and goodness. It illuminates window of the soul.”

“Christmas is an ancient dream – clear night shining with stars, the smell of shepherds, and incarnation of perfect love.”

“The good thing about Christmas is that it doesn’t matter what mood you are in. Christmas Eve is a fresh start.”

“Not a time and not a season, Christmas is a state of mind. Christmas waves are softer and more beautiful.”

“Christmas holds all time together. It is not a date, rather it is doing little something extra for someone you love.”

“Blessed is the season of Christmas which engages the whole world in the conspiracy of the love.”

“It is the beginning which looks a lot like Christmas, the bells will start and the carol you’ll sing from your heart.”

“If you want to keep Christ in Christmas, then welcome the unwanted, care for ill people, love your enemies.”

“We become a child again at the time of Christmas. Our hearts grow tender and we become better throughout the year.”
“Christmas is celebrated with pine trees, reindeer, tinsels. Well, we wonder how t a acher would answer the question of Christmas.